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Full Version: Immense Roleplay - Server Update v1.0 (d)
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Hey fellow Immense Roleplayers,

Here below are the recent updates we've brought upon the server, feel free to have a read.

Server Version 1.0 (d)

Quick Fixes and New Update

Fixed a /join job bug.
Updated some helper related authorization stuffs.
Real armor object would be attached to the player, when a LEO uses /locker to get Kevlar Vest.
Fixed a bug which caused the player to spawn in different VW of hospital after death.
Updated the location of pilot drug smuggler. You can now smuggle drugs at SF Airport.
Added /rules command.
Decreased Trucker Cooldown to 60 seconds.
Now the /f gang chat color would be dynamically changed according to the gang color.
Changed insurance provider name.

We're running a complimentary service for our new players who joins in this month, would get a week of Immense VIP.

Got an idea? Feel free to suggest by clicking here or joining our discord group.

See ya'll in-game  Smile 
Nice, new update! keep it up.
great job