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Server & Forum Update - Moved to another location! - Tom Harper - 10-04-2018

[Image: irp.png]

Hey fellow Immense Roleplayers,

Just an announcement!

I know, recently we've been very silent without those usual daily updates and stuffs.

I've been busy with other stuffs and we were also moving to a new host, as you might know server moving is a real pain in the arse work.

But hey,  I am done with all those hassles and I've a good news for you.

Our server is now hosted at Germany/France, expect VERY SMOOTH PING from now on

Both the forum and the game server is ultra fast serving your requests.

Expect more updates very soon, like real soon Wink

Our NEW IP -

Event - First one to post a selfie of himself infront of SFPD gets a NRG for FREE

We're running a complimentary service for our new players who joins in this month, would get a week of Immense VIP.

Got an idea? Feel free to suggest by clicking here or joining our discord group.

See ya'll in-game  Smile