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MUST READ Immense Roleplay - NEW LUMBERJACK JOB! - Server Update v1.0 (f)

[Image: irp.png]

Hey fellow Immense Roleplayers,

Today we're introducing our brand new Lumber Jack job. This has been requested by one, supported by many of our players. This is gonna revive your boredom. This will enrich your roleplay experience.

You're just gonna make a heck loads of money with your friends.

Check out our Lumberjack job trailer, only on Immense RP.


[Image: dJpbMAg.jpg]

[Image: aeUn8tz.jpg]

[Image: GyOXAKR.jpg]

[Image: zDiuIPq.jpg]

13/09/2018 - 15/09/2018

Fixed a minor /spec bug.

Added a NEW JOB! Lumberjack JOB!

Added a new chainsaw weapon to buy at gunshop!

We're running a complimentary service for our new players who joins in this month, would get a week of Immense VIP.

Got an idea? Feel free to suggest by clicking here or joining our discord group.

See ya'll in-game  Smile 

good job everybody!
Director of Gang Management

It's cool, +rep

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