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IMPORTANT Immense Roleplay - Server Update v1.0 (g)

[Image: irp.png]

Hey fellow Immense Roleplayers,

Here below are the recent updates we've brought upon the server, feel free to have a read.

Server Version 1.0 (g)

Quick Update
 15/09/2018 - 17/09/2018

Fixed /jobhelp not showing job help for the Lumberjack job if it's a second job.

Fixed a wrong object spawn, when someone used /furniture buy->Kitchen->Cooked Steak.

Fixed a bug which showed Lumberjack job based messages when pressed N key.

Now you will automatically drop your log when someone attacks you.

You'll automatically stop cutting the tree, once you're shot or harmed.

You can just press the N key again to stop cutting the tree.

Fixed a bug which caused double the cash to be deducted when buying a new level.

Added spam detection when submitting commands to prevent spamming or command flood.

Fixed a repetitive roleplay message when toggling phone.

Thanks to everyone who have posted bug reports and suggestions. As we're feeling so generous, we're offering a cookie for each accepted bug report / suggestion you make. Feel free to PM any of our HA+ to collect your cookie. Make sure to use the format below, while PM'ing.

Forum name - <>
In-game name - <>
Link to the thread - <>

We're running a complimentary service for our new players who joins in this month, would get a week of Immense VIP.

Got an idea? Feel free to suggest by clicking here or joining our discord group.

See ya'll in-game  Smile 

Good job!

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